N95 SAS Particulate  Respirator Face Mask

N95 SAS Particulate Respirator Face Mask

SAS N95 NIOSH Approved (TC-84A-3888) premium mask for a better and more comfortable fit than the SAS 8615 mask. This is a better mask for longer periods of usage (2 or more hours) when comfort really matters. These masks are N95 rated and meet guidelines set forth by the CDC and the Department of Health and Human Services for virus (including influenza and flu) protection. This particulate respirator face mask provides a minimum of 95% filter efficiency against solid and non-oil based aerosol particulates for excellent protection. Lightweight construction helps promote all-day wear. Maintenance-free construction features adjustable nose clip with foam strip to reduce the potential for eyewear fogging. Dual head strap for optimum fit and worker comfort. Work applications include grinding, sanding, bagging and other dusty operations as well as Virus and other airborne matter protection at home and in the workplace.
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