50w Fiber Laser Marker

50w Fiber Laser Marker

Ready to Operate Fiber Laser Marker! 

Better prices when you buy from the manufacturer! 

Maintenance free Laser

Due to the Fiber OM having a high turnover ratio between electricity and laser usage, it is a low cost machine to run. The machine will run up to 100,000 hours with minimal operating cost! And no maintenance needed on the Laser.

Dual Laser Auto Focusing Precision System

To ensure the best outcome, our EM comes with a dual focusing system. You can manually adjust before engraving or even during the operation to fine tune the operation to preference. 

Full Rotary Tool

A rotary tool will allow you to engrave various round objects including rings.



-Laser: Raycus/MAX 

-Wavelength: 1064nm Wavelength 

-Laser Power: 20w/30w/50w

-10,000mmm/s Maximum Speed and a .001mm Resolution

-Min. Line width: .01mm / 50μm

-Min. Character size: .3mm

-Repositioning Precision: .003mm

-Air cooled System

-110/220V ± 10% / 50/60HZ


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