Q: How will my oven be shipped and who will set up shipping?

A: Your oven is shipped via freight shipping all completely set up by us. We will require your zip code in order to be able to give you a shipping quote.


Q: How is my oven packaged?

A: In order to protect your oven, we will palletize and crate the bottom. It will be wrapped and fragile posts will be put up on the crate in order to prevent damages to your oven. We will make sure the oven is secured so it will not shift during shipping.


Q: What if I need my oven sooner?

A: Our lead times are constantly changing. If you require an expedited order please feel free to contact us.


Q: What is a "Smart Oven"?

A: A smart oven is an oven with wifi connectivity that will allow you to control and monitor your oven from anywhere in the world as long as both your oven and cellular device are connected to WiFi.


Q: Will my oven work even if it's not connected to WiFi?

A: Absolutely! Your oven is still an oven, you will not be able to shut off using your phone, but every oven does still have a control box for manual options. 


Q: Can I order a modified oven?

A: We definitely offer custom orders, feel free to contact us via "contact us" page or giving us a call to request info on your oven.

Q: What is the largest/smallest oven you offer?

A: We currently have various size options. Ranging from 5x5x5 to 5x5x10. We do offer various other sizes starting from 3x3x3. We are currently working everyday to upload every size option.


Q: Do you offer wholesale prices?

A: We do offer wholesale prices on orders of 5 or more ovens. 


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